North Park Flag Retirement Plaza

North Park Flag Retirement
Flag Retirement Plaza Dedication Ceremony 

The North Park Flag Retirement Plaza has been beautifully incorporated into the 80th Division Monument & Garden located at the intersection of Babcock Boulevard and Ingomar Road.

The plaza adjoins the stone façade of the monument and features five flag poles and 10 benches surrounding a burn pit. If a U.S. flag is soiled, damaged or weathered, protocol calls for it to be buried or incinerated.

Here flags that have flown in great service to our country can be retired properly.  The Plaza honors our veterans and heroes and it is a place where western PA families can honor the symbol of our country and proudly reflect upon our nation’s history. 


If you wish to use the Flag Retirement Plaza to conduct a flag retirement ceremony, contact the North Park Permit Office at 412-935-1766 or 412-935-1971 for the proper permits.

For information on properly displaying and retiring the U.S. flag, visit the National Flag Foundation.