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You can find the plants below through your local garden centers and nurseries, mail order catalogs or through members of the External Internet LinkPennsylvania Floral Industry Associations, of which Allegheny County Parks is proud to be a member.  These plants have also been grown in the Penn State Demonstration Gardens in North and South Parks. Look for the Allegheny County Gardens! signs in South Park at Corrigan Drive & Theater Garden.

Maps of the areas in the parks are available at all Parks permit offices and the County Information Center.

Tibouchina urvilleana  Tibouchina Urvilleana - Athens Blue - also known as Princess Flower or Glory Bush. An exotic beauty with 3 inch purple flowers and velvety gray-green leaves. Loves the heat and humidity and will bloom all summer in full sun.
Hardy Banana- Musa Bajoo - This exotic looking plant is really a banana plant although don't expect it to bear fruit. Hardy to Zone 5, this lush foliage plant loves hot weather. It dies back to ground after a hard frost but will spring to life from the tuber after warm weather returns. It likes a moist well-drained soil, full sun and regular fertilization. This tropical plant will make you the envy of the neighborhood. It can grow 8-10 ft. in our climate. Hardy Banana - Musa bajoo 
Salvia splendens  Salvia Splendens -Landscaper Bright Scarlet - or more commonly know as red salvia or red sage. This particular variety kept blooming until frost with uniform flower spikes and little fading. Salvia is an old fashioned favorite in the garden. Easily grown from seed.
Louisiana Copperleaf - Acalypha Wilkesiana - This beauty is a relative of the houseplant known as the Red Hot Cattail. Shades of copper, orange, reds and brown splash the leaves of this plant that grows 24-30 inches in full sun. In fact it enhances the colors of the leaves. Full sun, well-drained moist soil and regular fertilization.

Louisiana Copperleaf - Acalypha Wilkesiana