Parks Department

Allegheny County
Parks Action Plan


The Allegheny County Parks Action Plan consists of a concise methodology to transform and enhance recreational opportunities at the County's nine regional parks. The American Institute for Leisure Resources conducted  the Parks Revenue Sources Study in the summer of 2007. The result of their study defines system-wide revenue recommendations as well as individual park recommendations for each of the nine reginal parks.

Key components of the plan include:

  • The creation of the Parks Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to raise private funds for the regional parks.
  • The establishment of public / private partnerships to operate some of the parks' major amenities and attractions.

The plan also promotes public / private partnerships such as:

  • Requests for Proposal (RFP) will be issued for reuse of the:
    • North Park Boathouse
    • Hartwood Stables
    • South Park Fairgrounds
    • Boyce Park Four Seasons Activity Center including the skiing and tubing area
  • Private operators will be sought for the tennis courts in Boyce Park, North Park, Settler's Cabin Park and South Park.
  • The services of the National Golf Foundation in Jupiter, Florida, will be used to review the County's golf course operations in North and South Park.
  • A 452-acre parcel in Settler's Cabin Park will be used by the Horticultural Society to operate a Botanic Garden of Western Pennsylvania.

County Parks Improvements 2007
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