Ten New Food Establishments Opened in August

PITTSBURGH – The Allegheny County Health Department today reported that ten new food establishments opened in the County in August.  The establishments include six restaurants, two bakeries, a confectionary and a day care/after school kitchen.

“The Health Department’s monthly report highlights the new restaurants that use trans-fat free cooking oils.  Three out of the six eateries that opened in August cook with these healthier oils,” said Health Director Dr. Karen Hacker.

The restaurants using trans-fat free cooking oils are Franco’s Pizzeria Italiana, 3805 Willow Avenue, Castle Shannon; Dunkin Donuts, 3200 Saw Mill Run Boulevard, Brentwood; and Sweet Peaches, 639 East Warrington Avenue, Allentown.

The other new restaurants include Every Day’s A Sundae & Café, 6014 Centre Avenue, Shadyside; M & J’s Restaurant, 750 East Warrington Avenue, Allentown; and A & M Gyros, 3536 Saw Mill Run Boulevard, Brentwood.

Four other food establishments also opened last month:  Yogenfruz, 300 Mt. Lebanon Boulevard, Castle Shannon; Good Shepherd Kitchen, 1025 Braddock Avenue, Braddock; Gaby et Jules, Patisseries et Macarons, 5837 Forbes Avenue, Squirrel Hill; and Oakland Bakery & Market, 3955 Fifth Avenue, Oakland.

For more information, call 412-687-ACHD(2243) or visit www.achd.net

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