Allegheny County Licenses and Permits

License / Permit Type  Department 
Air Quality  Health Department
Bingo  Treasurer
Boats: Use (Launch) Permit Treasurer
Dog  Treasurer
Firearms  Sheriff
Fishing  Treasurer
Food  Health Department
Hunting & Furtaker  Treasurer
Marriage  Wills/Orphans' Court
Municipal Landfills / Solid Waste Vehicles  Health Department
Overload/Oversize Permit  Public Works
Plumbing  Health Department
Precious Metal  Sheriff
Private Detective  Criminal Division
Right-of-Way Permit Manual  Public Works
Rooming Houses / Nursing & Personal Care Homes  Health Department
Sewage Disposal (on-lot)  Health Department
Small Games of Chance  Treasurer
Swimming Pools & Lifeguards  Health Department